Again about physical disks.

Tue Mar 23 09:42:00 GMT 1999

> Why not get NT 8)
Because it is expensive.

> ( - or - Linux?!?!)
I already have it ;-)

> Personally, I think you're barking mad to even consider it.
> How about setting up a lan and mounting the drive from linux via NFS?
> This _is_ the nineties, after all...
Yes, surely all this would be much simpler, but what I am trying to do, is
to write a Win9x application (using CygWin) capable of reading Ext2 Linux
partition on a dual boot machine, so I DO need read physical disks under
WIN9x. But finally I start thinking that CygWin is NOT (at least yet) a
compiler of the choice for THIS purpose :-((

> Well, not directly to the OS from cygwin functions; no...  Though,
> of course you could always do the necessary hocus-pocus with assembler
> and god-knows-what to make it 'werk'.
BTW, if ever some "crazy":-) carries out all this, as you say, "hocus-pocus
with assembler and god-knows-what", whouldn't it be great to incorporate all
this staff in CygWin dll, so that using cygwin compiler under Win9x one can
just "fopen" a hard drive and "fread" from it, as on a normal UNIX/POSIX
system, and finally that wheird problem about accessing disks from Win9x
disappear???  Unfortunately, I think I don't have the required competences
to became that "crazy" :-))).

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