Some minor comments to the docs - cygwin-ug

Tue Mar 23 14:27:00 GMT 1999

Attention DJ Delorie, Pierre Humblet and Geoffrey Noer,

Dear all,

This cygwin user's guide is terrifically useful, I did ot know it
existed until a yesterday !
I insist on the beauty of this piece of documentation. As a side
issue, it answers some of the questions I posted recently, thanks.
Thanks again for making available such a lovely piece of software and
Here are some very minor documentation remarks.

Best regards,

Minor doc remarks below :
in doc [cygwin-ug/overview35.html]
suppress [FAQ more more]
replace by [FAQ for more]

in doc [cygwin-ug/setup-net113.html]
suppress [Once you have an install executable]
replace by [Once you have an installed executable] or [Once you have
installed an executable]

in doc [cygwin-ug/setup-files.html]
suppress [bash --login]
replace by [bash -login]
As this is the case with the version of bash I run (b18)  - (ignore
this remark if bash has evolved since).

in doc [cygwin-ug/using.html]
suppress [to already exist. exist]
replace by [to already exist.]

in doc [cygwin-ug/setup-env.html]
suppress [set CYGWIN="tty notitle strace=0x1"]
replace by [set CYGWIN=(tty notitle strace=0x1)]
But again, as I run b18, I may be out of date on the issue.

in doc [cygwin-ug/using-textbinary.html]
Again a b18 issue, which I don't really know how it is handled in b20
or later.
od requires binary mounts to work right, same as cat.

in doc [cygwin-ug/dll.html]
suppress [Note that we linked with -e _rdll_init@12.]
replace by [Note that we linked with -e,_mydll_init@12.]
And in the code snippet :
suppress [rdll_init]
replace by [mydll_init]
To make the example more consistant with the linking stages described
I would personally appreciate some more extensive explanation about
this special entry point, or at least a pointer to a more extensive

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