GMP 2.0.2 DLL issues and solutions

Mumit Khan
Tue Mar 23 14:47:00 GMT 1999

[ GMP is the GNU arbitrary precision library available from any GNU
  mirror. ]

I've received a whole bunch of requests for GMP 2.0.2 DLL (my last attempt
didn't work due to various problems with imported DLL variables), and I
did a first cut at the solution. Now gmp passes all the tests for both
Cygwin and Mingw (Mingw has one weird problem, but that has to do with the
_pipe function call, and nothing to do with gmp).

I've uploaded the gmp-dll-2.0.2-cygb20.tar.gz and
packages that contain the prebuilt DLLs, source patches and README.win32
that goes to some detail on what the changes are.

For those who want to link with MSVC, you'll probably need to create an
import library for MSVC from the mingw32 version (I've included the DEF
file in ./lib directory in both packages). However, if you want to load
the functions dynamically, it should already work in theory.

For Cygwin:
For Mingw32:


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