problem building egcs-1.1.2
Fri Mar 26 17:50:00 GMT 1999

In a message dated 3/26/99 6:35:26 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

> all execution tests fail under cygwin
This has been my experience under NT (cygnus installed on //d), but not under
W95 (//d is a zip drive).  Maybe you're right about the drive name thing; that
was true of all software running under cygwin snapshots for a while, but not

>The dejagnu framework appears to be very unstable under cygwin. During
>tests, I appear to get SEGV signals at random. I just don't trust the test
>results; every test passes until a SEGV stops the testing of a given suite.

Several of the tests generate intentional access violations, and the cygwin
expect doesn't recover.  I'd like to see a solution.

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