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Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Mon Mar 29 15:10:00 GMT 1999

"Brian Macy" <> writes:
> I noticed 2 things when using the Cygwin stuff.
> - There is no vsnprintf
> - There is no beginthreadex
> Where can I go to change this? beginthreadex is cake to implement and is the
> only sane way to implement a thread class. vsnprintf is the only safe way to
> implement a C++ String class with a sprintf function.

Both are non-standard; if you start adding all the routines that everybody 
wants/needs, then you end up with Win32 API ;-)

beginthreadex is not part of win32 API and has no place in Cygwin runtime.
It's not even part of Windows standard C runtime, but was added later on
to MSVC runtime. If you're going to have MSVC-specific code, then the
correct approach is to write a portability layer to provide emulation 
for other runtimes.

vsnprintf would be a very useful function to have in newlib, but it
doesn't exist there; however, vsprintf/vfprintf/etc do exist and you
should be able to use those instead. Or, get a free version off the net
and add it to your port library.


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