Henrik Quintel
Mon Mar 29 22:52:00 GMT 1999

Dear Sir,
I will do that what you suggested: cygcheck -s -r -v. But because of the
fact that I have only one compiler installed on my computer. This compiler is
the one (egcs) which comes with the full.exe distribution.
No older distribution or anything is there. My problem ist not so the
compiler but the file-system. I cannot store a file with a nale that is longer
as 8 chars at the front and 3 at the back. I have to recompile a project that
has nothing to do with cygnus. On this project I have file names like
henrik_quintel.h or compiler_constructio.set_imaginary. and so on. And it is not
possible to store such files. They will be cutted to a length of 8 and 3
The compiler itself works right. I have compiled other programs which have
no long file names and everything was right. So, I hope my problem is now a
little bit more clear. As I mentioned in the last mail I use Windows 98 NOT
Windows NT! Should I upgrade to Windows NT 4.0? Thanks for all your help.

Greetings Henrik Quintel

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