odd tar bug (1969-- ?) with beta 20.1 (first reported with beta 19)

Jeff Deifik jdeifik@weasel.com
Wed Mar 31 08:32:00 GMT 1999

I reported earlier that tar would skip archiving some of the
files in my directory tree. Looking very carefully at the files
revealed that the windows nt date for the files was always


I don't know how the files got that date.
What is even more interesting, is some files with that date
do get put in the tar archive, and some do not.

With one exception, files with a time before 4:00p are ignored, and files
with a time after 4:00p are archived. There is one file with a time
of 3:57p that is archived, but all the rest with a time after that,
but before 4:00p are ignored.

the command I am using is 'tar -cvzf foo.tar.gz text
where text is a directory tree I have.

If I edit the 'old' files, and the date gets reset (without really changing
the contents of the files as far as I can tell) the once 'old' files get
archived. Therefore I suspect that the odd dates are confusing tar.

As I seem to recall 1969 may be the start of time as far as unix
is concerned. However I think it possible to have legimate file
dates before 1969, and I would hope that tar could handle it.

This is with windows nt 4.0 server sp 3.

	jeff deifik	jdeifik@weasel.com 

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