problem building egcs-1.1.2
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

In a message dated 3/25/99 9:51:27 PM Pacific Standard Time,

> Has anyone else attempted building egcs-1.1.2 with
>  Mumit's patches, and with what success?

I set the compiler flags as follows
export CFLAGS='-Os -malign-double'
export CXXFLAGS='-Os -malign-double'
export BOOT_CFLAGS='-Os -malign-double -pipe'
and symlinked all the include files to /usr/include

I gzipped the texinfo source so that it would not be configured into the
build, as that is broken at present.

On NT4/SP3, with standard cygwin-b20.1, I used
../configure --prefix=//d/Cygnus/cygwin-b20/H-i586-cygwin32

On W95/OSR25, with cygwin snapshot binaries through 19990307, I used
../configure --prefix=/cygnus/cygwin-b20/H-i586-cygwin32

I used 
make LANGUAGES='c c++ f77' bootstrap-lean
as the testsuite never gets to gcov, objc, or java, and chill does not
configure for cygwin, followed by
make -k LANGUAGES='c c++ f77' install

I believe under NT it is necessary to configure libf2c separately, and the W95
build stalls after building tmplibgcc2.a, so I do
'mv gcc/tmplibgcc2.a libgcc2.a'
and resume the bootstrap.

For everything I've tested, the gcc/g++/g77 built on NT behave the same as the
binaries from Mumit's site.  For the newer snapshot configuration, the g++/g77
built on W95 avoid the conflicts between the older and newer CTYPE schemes but
otherwise behave the same as Mumit's distribution.

The process takes around 4 hours on NT, and about 2 on W95, with 200 Mhz cpus.
I haven't seen any comparison failures; those most likely arise from switching
compilers or options between stages.

The gcc-1.1.2 built on NT is able to build the current egcs snapshots; on W95
I haven't been able to get it configured so that the snapshot xgcc finds all
necessary include files.

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