CFORTRAN for cygwin/egcs?

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

"Richard Stanton" <> writes:
> It IS trivial to use, I've found, as long as you use version 3.5 rather than
> 2.8. The latter seems to be more easily found. As you say,
> using -Df2cFortran, and linking with -lg2c, gets the sample program to
> compile without warnings.

Thank you. That's very useful information, especially since it goes into
the mailing list archive.

BTW, can I use your Excel DLL as an example (with proper attribution of
course)?  I'd like to create some examples in C, C++ and F77 to create
DLLs for VB/Excel etc like I've done for Java etc.


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