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Charles Wilson cwilson@ee.gatech.edu
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

John Collins wrote:

> I'm working with a group that is in the process of migrating Java
> development to emacs/NT, JDE, and cygwin make. I've found that the JDE
> "build" command, which uses the emacs "compile" function, runs make as a
> subprocess. If you do this with the "standard" NT emacs shortcut, the
> underlying shell is the NT command processor, and make barfs. If you
> explicitly start emacs from bash, then everything works as expected.
> So, I tried modifying the shortcut for starting emacs to look like
> "bash -c emacs"
> and it works, except I get an extra, empty bash window.
> Now to the question: Is there a way to start emacs under bash without that
> extra window cluttering up the screen? Or do I need to re-define the compile
> command to use "bash -c make" instead of just make?
> Thanks.
> John Collins
> KeyTech LLC

You could _try_ run.exe, which executes any console-mode program without
showing the console. It's available from
ftp://belgarion.resnet.gatech.edu/pub/run/run-1.1.4.tar.gz . It's licensed under
the GPL.


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