Time taken for ls -la --color=yes

Oelke, Dan doelke@opticalsolutions.com
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

> >If you add the color or F switches then the CYGWIN1.DLL has to
> >determine the type of file.  It will be opening every regular file
> >listed and reading a line from the file in order to determine the
> >of the file.  You can imagine the overhead involved in this.
> No, I guess I can't, as bash under unix does not take this long, and
it would have to do the same thing.

Under Unix with a normal unix filesystem, the filesystem stores
attributes about each file.
With FAT filesystem there are no such attributes stored - cygwin has to
figure them out.
In particular, if a file is executable or not has be to guessed at by
the first few characters of the file.  So, cygwin has to open each file
determine this which doesn't happen under unix.


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