Compiled executable differences between 9x and NT

Jonathan Pryor
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

I hadn't known about the `.htaccess' file.  Thank you for the
suggestion.  "Correct" headers are now being generated for
the .tgz file (at least according to DJ's HTTP Header Viewer).

Hopefully this should fix any download problems...
 - Jon

Glenn Spell <> wrote:

>[This message is off topic but I believe it is of interest.]
>Jonathan Pryor wrote:
>> I suppose I wasn't too clear in my original message.
>> It was the *application* that was crashing; not Windows.
>I just wanted to make sure you know what I was seeing.
>> As for the download issue...  I hadn't run into that before.
>> Is "application/zip" close-enough for a tarball?  e.g.
>>     <a href="gecl.tgz" type="application/zip">source tarball</a>
>Well, I tried again and Netscape 4.05 still corrupts the file on
>download. I assume the problem is still the headers generated
>by your webserver.
>> (I didn't see anything referencing "tar" in the IANA database,
>> but I saw "application/zip", which seems to fit...)
>I saw that there also. Oddly, either Netscape or WinZip set me
>up in Netscape with "application/x-zip-compressed    .ZIP". I
>changed it to "application/zip" before I tried the download.
>> Hopefully, this should fix the mime type problem -- if you're
>> accessing from an html page, anyway.  I'm not sure how to set
>> the mime-type on a file when _directly_ accessing the file,
>> instead of through an href.  Thoughts?
>I believe the following method will work regardless of how the
>file is accessed. Since you're using Apache on FreeBSD, just
>make a file named ".htaccess" in that directory with the
>following content:
>AddType    application/x-gzip    .gz .tgz
>AddType    application/x-tar     .tar

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