How to turn off Win95 console toolbar?

Glenn Spell
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

> Starting a BASH console window always gives me a toolbar that I'd like to
> turn off permanently.  I can manually turn it off in each window, but what
> I'd like is a way to not see the real-estate waster to being with.  Any
> ideas?

Hmmm... you must be right-clicking the title bar and deselecting
"Toolbar" from the drop-down menu. (Or maybe there are keyboard
shortcuts to do the same thing... at any rate...)

Edit the *.PIF file (shortcut) that you use to start 'bash'.

Choose "Properties" from the aforementioned drop-down menu
or from the context menu you get by right-clicking on the
PIF file or right-clicking on the Windows shortcut to 'bash'.
In "Properties", choose the "Screen" tab. In the "Window"
section, DESELECT "Display toolbar" and SELECT "Restore
settings on startup".


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