Access to Win32 Processes from shell

Anders Norlander
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> ---David's Lightspeed Email <> wrote:
> 8<
> > I'm launching processes from Perl scripts using backticks and the
> system
> > command, and it seems that Windows is stealing my processes from me
> > sometimes.  Although the application is running, and the window is
> visible,
> > I look for the process with "ps -ef", and it is nowhere to be found.
>  Where
> > did it go?
> >
> > What I'm doing is automating IExplorer launches to retrieve http
> documents.
> > Once I have the documents, though, I need to kill the window,
> otherwise my
> > screen starts filling up with hundreds of icons.
> >
> > Any clues?
> 8<
> The processes for non-cygwin binaries cannot be mapped to a cygwin
> process.  Therefore you will not see the process with the ps command.
> You might use the CreateProcess function instead and use the handle
> returned by it to control the window/process created.

That's not quite right. David, are you using a non-cygwin perl,
like ActiveState? If that is the case that is likely your problem.
The system command probably uses to execute commands
and at least does not wait for win32 gui processes to

If you are using a cygwin perl, my guess is that IE starts another
that is *not* mapped by cygwin. Try using lynx or wget.


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