find, ksh, and job control

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                                    March 1st, 1999
I'm running 95.
I have to learn NT by next week:-).

                                     David L. Painter
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Subject: Re: find, ksh, and job control

>I think you should not use autoexe.bat and consig.sys on Win NT.  Are you
>Win NT or Win 95/98?
>If you are on NT do not include Cygwin to PATH.  Best start Cygwin by
>Cygnus.bat and do not add WinNT or Windows to PATH in Cygnus.bat.
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>Subject: find, ksh, and job control
>>                                    March 13th, 1999
>>All right, thanks everyone for the feedback.  Yes, the problem with "find"
>>was just that my path found the dos version first.  Following, Henry's
>>suggesion, I changed this to gfind, and this has fixed the problem
>>As regards job control, please disregard my previous message.  The BASH
>>shell "fg", "bg" and "jobs" commands all seem to work fine, and I have no
>>complaints except that my Ctrl-Z suspension doesn't work.
>>Concerning the Ksh, it is actually pretty important that I get this one
>>working today.  Corinna has suggested that I may have my Cygwin package
>>installed improperly, but I do not think this is the case:
>>    *The Cygwin directory is "cygwin" from the root.
>>    *I've kept the original directory structure intact(yes, even the
>>"H-i586-cygwin32" ones)
>>    *The sh.exe and cygwin1.dll files have been copied to the "/bin"
>>    *My autoexec.bat file includes the Cygwin Binary
>>directory(C:\cygwin\H-i586-cygwin32\bin\) in the path.
>>        (I just found out yesterday that using %PATH% in this file can
>>some major memory problems. . . Does anyone else know more about this?}
>>    *Autoexec.bat also adds the following line:"set TERM=CYGWIN"
>>    *The config.sys file has the following line: "SHELL=C:\
>>/e:4096 /p"
>>I added the config.sys line, due to the "out of environment space" error
>>Should the SHELL variable here be /bin/sh.exe instead?
>>I also have to learn NT and MS SQL in the next week before I start work.
>>Wish me luck.
>>Peace to you all.
>>                                     David L. Painter
>>                                     ph: (559) 292-5366 * 3
>>                                     fax:(559) 292-0410
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