mount command

DJ Delorie
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

> For example, I have cygwin installed on a primary partition C. A second
> extended partition D is mounted using 'mount d:/ /home' . When I issue a
> command like 'find / -name file -print' , only C is searched. Surely drive D
> should be searched also?

Did you create a c:\home directory before you did the mount?  Having
that empty directory on the parent drive makes a big difference in how
well some commands work, which is why mount warns you about them.

> If I try and use a file specification like /home/user01/filex.xbm in tcl
> code, it does not work. I must always use d:/user01/filex.xbm . This breaks
> a lot of code. I really don't want to add conversions in all my code.

TCL itself doesn't use cygwin for stuff like that.  It goes right to
the Win32 calls, so you have to do conversions all over the place.

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