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Earnie Boyd
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

---Tripp Lilley <> wrote:
> mount reports (among other things):
> v:\\tmp	/tmp	native	text!=binary
> which is correct.
> in cmd.exe:
> c:
> cd \tmp
> (pwd now C:\tmp)
> ls
> 'ls' displays contents of /tmp, not c:\tmp! ls //c/tmp works as
> 'rm', 'chmod', and others seem to be looking in //c/tmp as expected
> run with relative path names (ie: echo 'hello' > /tmp/foo.txt,
followed by
> 'rm foo.txt' with c:\tmp as pwd bombs as expected saying "foo.txt:
No such
> file or directory")

Relative paths with the official b20.1 release are known to feature a
few inconsistencies.  The path emulation has been reworked for a newer
release.  Furthermore if you have a mounted directory for /tmp on one
drive and the root mounted to a different drive and you have a tmp
directory physically under root this is what is known as a mount point
and isn't intended to be the /tmp directory but a placeholder that is
usually empty.

If you don't understand this structure then you will definitely get
confused.  A lot of the problems stem from the fact that the
filesystem isn't a unix filesystem but the cygwin product pretends
that it is.  It can give some interesting results.

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