Again about physical disks.

John Mullee
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Serguei DACHIAN wrote:
> > > P.S.  Your readme say that some feateres are for NT only.  Does it mean
> > > that i will not be able to read /dev/fd0 and/or /dev/hda ???
> > Sorry, I haven't noticed, you're on a Win9X system. The used
> So what finally these all means: is there no ANY way to read a physical
> sector from a physical disk under CygWin on a Win9x system ???

This is a known 'feature' of w95;
the article "PRB: DeviceIoControl Int 13h Does Not Support Hard Disks"
< >
describes the problem and presents the code for a workaround.
It's *ugly* - you have to use 'flat thunks'.

So the short answer is *yes*, you can read disk-blocks from
cygwin-compiled code, but *no*, it's not easy, and
you'll need to be significantly motivated....


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