Any cygwin ports of Berkeley DB libraries?

Craig Nelson
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

you just have to get db to compile with cygwin thinking its on a unix machine,
(as opposed to db realizing its on an intel box) and then link your code to the resulting libdb.a

Check the cygwin mail archives for the db code and your source code 
modifications you will need.  Specifically, I'm refering to the Message from 
Micheal Czapski dated Thu, 27, Aug, 1998.  (subject: gcc ... -U_WIN32.. may cause problems)

A correction to the code snippet listed there is:

	change the line: '#include' to '#include <unistd.h>'

It's a simple fix, and it beats compiling db with msvc++ and porting the .lib 
file over.

I would have included the snippet here, but do not have it online at the moment.

Craig Nelson, Cameo Systems Inc.

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> Hello,
> I have searched the archives but didn't find any ports of the Berkeley DB
> libraries to cygwin. I'm trying to build some software which requires the
> libdb.a library.
> I have tried to build this myself from the source code and always run into
> trouble. So far, I have tried to build versions 1.86, 2.3.16, & 2.7.3 with
> no luck.
> Any help would be appreciated.
> Kevin Wright
> Mountain View, CA
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