egcs 1.1.1: odd warning message with template friend functions

Mumit Khan khan@xraylith.wisc.EDU
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Bob Aglietti <> writes:
> I don't know why this message shows up in the current version, but I installe
> d
> the 2.8.1 compiler on one of my unix systems and it's nice enough to mention
> that I might want to use the option: '-fguiding-decls'.  Sure enough, no
> warnings.  This also works with the egcs-2.91.57 compiler I'm using on my pc.
> I still don't understand what changed but this'll at least get around it.

I strongly recommend against using the -fguiding-decl switch. Fixing your
code (and ifdef'ing for non-conformant compilers) is the right way to go. 
This particular option can cause you much grief when you're using iostreams
and other C++ libraries that were not built with this option as well.

Also, comparison to gcc-2.8.1 is usually not a good idea. The C++ front in
FSF GCC is so old and buggy that it's almost unusable for any real code
that makes heavy use of templates, exceptions, etc.

I'm not going to bore the non-C++ users with an explanation of guiding
declarations; the ANSI/ISO standard describes it well, and so do lots of
postings to C++ specific forums ( is your friend).


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