Again about physical disks.

Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

At 20:43 23/03/99 -0700, Rick Rankin wrote:
> Here's a short code sample for accessing the physical media id on Win9x from
> cygwin. The same mechanisms can be used to perform physical I/O. Much of
> this was taken from the documentation that comes with VC++ 6. It compiles
> and works fine with gcc.
Thanks for the code, but unfortunately this is NOT what I need.  The
discussion is about accessing PHYSICAL drives, e.g. a  first hard drive in
your PC, i.e le /dev/hda.  While your code can access only a:, c:, d:, etc.,
that is, a partition or a floppy, but not a physical harddisk.  MS says that
his methods (CreateFile and DeviceIOControl) fails in the case of physical
harddisks on  Win9x, and my experience confirm this.

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