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Chris Faylor
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

On Thu, Mar 25, 1999 at 10:37:47AM +1000, Richard Lyon wrote:
>See comments below:
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>From: DJ Delorie <>
>To: <>
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>Date: Tuesday, 23 March 1999 7:36
>Subject: Re: mount command
>>You're using bash's builtin mkdir (or cygwin's mkdir.exe), and it's
>>using the mount table.  You need to use MS's shell so it won't know
>>about the mount table.
>OK, I tried doing it from explorer, the MS command prompt and bash.
>After mounting the partition, the mount point works correctly for things
>like -I option in gcc and cygpath. So I believe I have done the correct
>thing. It's the
>find command that doesn't work. I even get stranger results if I attempt
>something like mount D:/topdirectory /home. Find generates the following
>find: /home/filename: No such file or directory
>for every file in topdirectory.
>I have 20.1 installed.
>Luckily it does appear I can use cygpath in install script to cope with
>these problems.
>It converts the paths correctly to win32 format which work with find and
>I consider this sort of behaviour as a bug. Before I consider filing a bug
>report or maybe
>trying to fix it, has anyone managed to get find to work across mounted

When you said:

mount d:/topdirectory /home

was the operation silent or did mount display some words?  If mount
displayed something, what did it say?

I still get the feeling that you are not performing the simple operation
that DJ has asked you to do:

c:\> mkdir c:\home

You don't use the Cygwin mkdir to do this.  You use the mkdir that's
builtin to the command shell.


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