licensing NOT clear for me

DJ Delorie
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

> From the above, it seems to me that b) would be feasible for source
> distributions on the web, unless "written offer" means something more
> esoteric than actually including those words in a README.

According to RMS, "written" means paper, with a date and signature (or
other identifying mark).  A computer file isn't legally binding
because it can easily be modified.  Personally, I would think a
PGP-signed text file would be sufficient if it included the date
inside the message, assuming you can verify the signature in the
future (you can always generate a new PGP key and toss the old one).

Still, you'd have to generate a new signed file every day (to get the
full 3-year term) and the user can always download a new one to
illegally extend their term.

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