Compiled executable differences between 9x and NT

Jonathan Pryor
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Does your W95 laptop have IE installed?  Given the 
results from Anders Norlander, it's possible that
IE is causing problems...

 - Jon

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>"Jonathan Pryor" <> writes:
>> A tarball of the source is available at:
>> Readme.txt (in the tarball) includes directions on
>> compiling the program, as well as descriptions of 
>> the observed crash under 95.
>I tried out your code (nice work by the way!) on a W95 laptop and I can't
>get it to crash. The specific version listed is 4.00.950a.
>  - cygwin b20.1 + egcs-1.1: Ok
>  - cygwin b20.1 + egcs-1.1.1: Ok
>  - mingw32 + egcs-1.1.1: Ok
>  - mingw32 + egcs-1.1.1 (using Cygwin gcc with -mno-cygwin): Ok.
>Perhaps it's the particular version of Win'95 I'm running that makes it
>work? If I remember correctly, I installed SP1 (or whatever it's called)
>on top on the original W95 that this laptop came with.

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