This C++ code fails

Nirmal Prasad
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

>The Test2 class is using virtual base classes, unlike the Test1 class. This
>difference causes an exception to be thrown when the pointer to member

hi there,

well i havent taken a serious look at it .. but here's what i did and the
results are interesting ......
Change the declaration for Test2 as follows:-
class Test2: virtual public Base2
i.e. drop Virtual public Base 1 and let the remainder of the program be the
same... The CPU usage JUMPS TO 100% and the program keeps leaking memory.. i
checked the disassembly in gdb and there is a jmp that keeps happening at
that point ... Anyway probably i'll take a serious look at it later....
Something going wrong i guess somewhere in codegen.


Nirmal Prasad R.

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