problem building egcs-1.1.2

Earnie Boyd
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

--- wrote:
> Some of the cygwin snapshots, begining with the Jan. 23 version, gave me this
> problem with not recognizing //d, requiring either d: or not working at all
> with drive designation, however the Mar. 8 snapshot has cured this.  Its main
> annoying feature is the continual warning about losing track of a job
> something like 2^31.  The last 2 snapshots refused to run tar, so I backed
> them out.  For the time being, I've also backed out my installation of
> make-3.77, as the Mar. 8 snapshot seems to do OK with its own version of

NOTE: Beginning Jan. 16th, the snapshots begin to take on Alpha versions for
B21.  Updates slated for the B21 release will be there.  If you want the cutting
edge in developement then you are welcome to download these.  _But_, please
_READ_ the change log file.
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