licensing NOT clear for me

DJ Delorie
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

> For clarification on this, one can sell non-GPL source code that
> cannot be used without cygwin under any license?  But I cannot sell
> a linked version without it being under GPL. I can make a wrapper
> DLL around my calls to cygwin functions and distribute it for free 
> (GPL) and sell my own code that links to the DLL but is a seperate
> package and contains no code from either cygwin.dll or the wrapper 
> - however at the current time there is no way to generate a dll 
> that does such a thing. But I can alter cygwin myself to
> generate such a beast and that is also OK.

If you generated such a wrapper and distributed it under the GPL,
you're right back where you belong - even if it's your source
originally.  Once the user has that GPL'd dll, you have certain
obligations to them that include giving them the source to the rest of
the program.

However, if you're building such a chain of dlls just to subvert the
GPL, it won't work.  Cygwin is still part of your program, and you
still have to provide the sources to everything.

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