Freeciv Binaries

Michael Weiser
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Hello Russell, you wrote:
>	I was wondering if anyone has been able to run the freeciv binaries
>available from
>on Windows 95.  My server will run fine but when I run the client I get
>the following message
As I mentioned in the README, civclient tends to crash. I haven't been
able to figure out why, yet. One reason seems to be environment space.
Try to unset all variables not needed to run civclient. At least for
me that solves the problem. Another solution is to *not* use and hence
not set FREECIV_DATADIR and instead run civclient in a directory
containing the datafiles in a dir named 'data'. If that doesn't help
too I'm outof ideas. Perhaps you could try compiling yourself for your
particular system.

For more on this see my post to the list from 98/9/17 20:20:01 GMT
named 'environment space limit in cygwin32?' and it's follow-ups. The
main Problem seems to be a call to XtAppAddTimeOut at line 403 in
xmain.c causing the following XtVaGetValues to SIGSEGV. Unfortunately
I don't have the time and knowledge to research this in detail.

I'll try to find out more anyway.

>BASH.EXE-2.02$ civclient
>1: Using fallback resources - which is OK
This is normal.

>1: Your getpwuid call failed.  Please report this.
This is new to me. Maybe you don't have a valid /etc/passwd?

>[main] C:\CYGNUS\USR\LOCAL\BIN\CIVCLIENT.EXE 1001 (0) handle_exceptions:
>[main] CIVCLIENT 1001 (0) handle_exceptions: Dumping stack trace to
This is exactly what I get when running civclient without the above
mentioned precautions.

>	When this happens my X server crashes.
>	My X server is X-Win32 from starnet.  If anyone has any ideas please
>let me know.
That shouldn't happen, or at least it doesn't happen for me using the
same Server demo version 4.1 build 6.

Hope I could help.
bye, Michael

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