_WIN32_IE flag and common controls...

John Mullee jmullee@hotmail.com
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Nirmal Prasad wrote:
> Please let me know what to do about the _WIN32_IE flag.. its bothering me a
> lot....Also i have put in the defines for updown and status bar control.
> [Messages.h]
> /* Up-Down Control */
> #if (_WIN32_IE >= 0x0400)  /* IE4.0 ??? */
These APIs, datastructures and #defines relate to extensions to
the win32 api by microsoft which are installed depending on
which version of microsoft internet explorer is installed
on the system. I imagine the compiler is supposed to check
the registry to determine which value to use for _WIN32_IE,
or some such nonsense. Or perhaps a target required
MSIE version must be specified when building a binary.

As they don't actually form part of any recognised w32
api, but instead relate to the dubious and creaky
practice of changing the OS APIs when installing
applications, I suggest leaving it out....
But if you go by MS's insistence that MSIE is actually
a _part_ of the operating system, then they should
be included....

If this sounds grotesque, unbelievable, bizarre, or
unprecedented, that's okay; it is.


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