B20: mv deletes files on error (NT)

David Dagon david.dagon@mindspring.com
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

Earnie Boyd wrote:
> No, it's a feature.  Thanks to M$ the filenames are case insensitive.
> As for the renaming of the files from Upper to lower to begin with, can you do
> it again?  Does it happen all the time?  If so, supply the output of `cygpath -s
> -v -r' (pasted in the mail) and a test case showing exactly the commands you
> used to move the files.

Very sorry for the sketchy details of the bug report; I was in a
terrible hurry
to rewrite some lost code.

When I next boot into NT (it will be a few days), I'll provide the
output of
cygpath -s -v -r.  (This was clearly stated in the bug reporting page; I
neglected to follow all the instructions.)  I'll also try the latest
to see if this fixes things.

As another reader noticed, the problem occurs with a Samba share, if
helps in the interim.  I did check the Samba source (2.0.3), and did not
see any errors therein.  I can only repeat this problem through an NT
share using Cygwin.  (Cmd works fine, believe it or not.)

When I get some free time (when? ha.)  I'd like to pitch in and track
one down; I believe it's in Cygwin, though it's origin is ultimately in

Thanks to all for your hard work.

David Dagon

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