Compiled executable differences between 9x and NT

Jonathan Pryor
Wed Mar 31 19:45:00 GMT 1999

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>In a message dated 3/8/99 6:23:52 AM Pacific Standard Time,
><< What are the *exact* differences between 95 and NT,
> as far as the cygwin environment and compiler are
> concerned? >>
>I imagine many of them are dependent on proprietary M$ information.

Differences between 95 and NT would be proprietary information.
I fail to see why differences in the behavior of cygwin-compiled
executables would be Microsoft proprietary, though...  At the very
least, I would expect someone to have an idea of what (programs,
operations, commands, source code, etc.), in general, tends to
"break" 95 while working fine under NT.

><<Under 95, it's currently causing
>a "blue screen">>
>There's one of these when expect crashes in the egcs testsuite on W95.  It
>doesn't get that far under NT.

What causes the crash in the egcs testsuite?  Which test?  Why does
it break (if known)?

><<Is there anything that is known to break 95 while
>working under NT?>>
>Of course, but I haven't seen any official list.  One of them is attempting
>build egcs from patch files.  The snapshot releases have made progress on
>vfork failures of the original b20.1 under W95.  There are also things
>work better under W95 than NT.  One of them is catching success/failure
>returns from gcc/g++/g77 compiled a.exe.

I suppose a better question would be: What C/C++ source has a
tendancy of segfaulting under 95, but working fine under NT?

I'd like to narrow down whether this is a problem with the
runtime under 95, or a problem with the OS itself.  Either way,
if I know what source is "unsafe" under 95, I can try to re-write
my code to work safely under 95 as well as NT.  But until I know
what issues to look out for, re-writing isn't an issue.

- Jon

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