Good command shell to run cygwin under

Calm, Fred
Mon May 3 09:11:00 GMT 1999

At least under NT, a command window size is not that rigidly fixed. First,
the size of both the screen buffer and window can be changed in the Layout
tab of the Properties dialog. Second, the DOS command 'mode' can change the

When sizes are changed from the Properties dialog, a dialog pops up giving
you the choice of changing the current window only or all future windows
with the same title. When MODE sets the size, it sets both the buffer and
the window sizes. 

   c:\> mode /? 

displays usage, but there's an undocumented, convenient form of the command

   c:\> mode <columns>,<lines>

Of course, if the window is running a shell like bash, you can always do
something like

    $ cmd
    c:\> mode 120,53
    c:\> exit


    $ cmd /c 'mode 120,53'

These escapes can be put in shell startup files.

I don't know what it's like under 9x.


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Subject: Good command shell to run cygwin under

Are there any good (and hopefully free) command shells out there to run
cygwin under ? 

The main feature I'd like is to have the size of the window be however many
lines I want rather than the fixed size that Win9x gives you. Also if it
allow scrolling back to older commands would be a big plus. This WinNT shell
gives both these features, bug the win9x is lacking.

Thanks for any info !


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