Mingw32 and OpenGL extensions

dale henderson dalekh@hotmail.com
Mon May 3 10:28:00 GMT 1999


Thanks for the reply.
I do in fact have that library, -lopengl32, linking in my Make environment.
Specifically, I get undefined references for the following extensions:

These are all listed in <Windows32/CommonFunctions.h>, which I have in  the 
library, glcanvas.cpp, that I am trying to use. Glcanvas.cpp is a library in 
wxWindows and is the file returning undefined references. I am not sure what 
I have left out.

> > Windows32/CommonFunctions.h?
> > At this point I am getting undefined reference for such extensions as
> > wglCreateContext.
>Specify -lopengl32 when linking.

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