cygwin and GnuPro

Mon May 3 11:43:00 GMT 1999

I'm considering using Cygwin and GnuPro on WIN/NT for my next few
programming projects.  I'd like to get some feedback on experiences that
you may have in these products.

Specifically, things I'd like to find out are

1) General ease of use
2) Cross platform look and feel (I used to be a heavy duty Linux user
circumstances have forced me away from the platform :( .  It
is my intention to find a way of migrating back to Linux and Cygwin/GnuPro
appeared to be an excellent way of doing this)
3) Compatibility with other commercial libraries
4) Whether GnuPro is available via ftp (I understand that most of the
is covered by the GNU agreements)
5) Whether people agree with me that the Cygnus site is absolutely awful
to navigate!



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