B20 bizzare make problems

Alan Conway alan.conway@iona.com
Tue May 4 10:59:00 GMT 1999

Having bizzare problems with make in B20 - anyone have any ideas?

If I run make without MAKE_MODE or --unix flag then it works, but in win32
mode which is not what I want.

If I set either MAKE_MODE=UNIX or use the --unix flag, I get a message
saying that "---unix" is an unrecognised option.

This can't be for real, or noone would get off the ground but I'm just
using a bog-standard binary installation (full.exe) and haven't touched
anything so I don't see what I did wrong. Help anyone!
Alan Conway, Consultant, IONA Technologies.
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Snail-mail: 660 Genest, Magog, QC, J1X 4Y7, Canada.

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