Laurent Charles
Thu May 6 00:26:00 GMT 1999

Hello, wrote:
> Could people recommend some graphical shells for gdb.

When I looked for user interface for gdb, I came to the following

My context is to be able to debug mingw32/cygwin32 applications cross
compiled on unix boxes.
I use gdb from cygwin b20 which can directly access to source files with
unix path and name thanks to the cygwin mounts.

- gdb text mode.
Works perfectly. Not very practical and friendly...

- old gdbtk (b19)
Was my favorite as it provides enough buttons and menus for simple debug
sessions, and the console for advanced debugging.
I could not have it running anymore since I switched to b20 (for me copying
cygwin1.dll to cygwinb19.dll does not work)
I liked the fact that I may rather easily customize the interface with tcl
and tk as well.
I regret it.

- emacs
I run emacs compiled with cygwin tools. It works well and fulfill my needs,
as I'm satisfied with typing 'b main', 'r', 'n', etc. on the gdb console to

DDD is very promissing, but today I found it not reliable enough under
This may be because of X11, because of my implementation of X11 (I
currently work with Arlindo's binaries)
< >

- xemacs
I compiled xemacs with the cygwin tools. I can use buttons and menu to run
my debug session, and xemacs/cygwin is confortable with debug information
where path are relative to the unix filesystem.
I also have a problem with "fhandler_base::fork_fixup" when I want to have
shells and bash...

DDD and xemacs have the same (or similar?) problem.
They consumes all the CPU when I run them, as if one of their components
was running a polling loop. (some components within X11 ?)
They are usable, but not very confortable, especially if your PC is not too
powerful. xemacs seems better however...

- xemacs NT (without cygwin support)
It is not usable for me as gdb front-end because my source repository is
referenced in the debug information with unix path which xemacs can't
handle. I don't want to "dir" all the source directories.

- Quincy99
Well, I didn't try it much as my goal was to debug code written in another

As a conclusion, from this experience I would recommend old-good emacs
I'm very interresting in knowing if you folks faced the same problems, or
came to different conclusions.
Thank you.



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