Colin Redfern
Thu May 6 08:14:00 GMT 1999

 First of all hello to everyone - I've been lurking for 4 months
before making my first post. :-)

I also am trying to find an IDE to use with gcc on win95
(in this case cross-gcc for a sparclite/sh3 embedded targets)

I have looked at Quincy, Vide and Grasp.
I didn't much fancy quincy, so I've heeded Mumits advice and focused on the
other 2

I don't seem to be able to build form my custom makefiles in either
Has anyone here tried a similar setup /any advice to offer ?

 I suppose this post  would be more appropriate on cross-gcc
but the discussion seems to be here. (and one target is mingw32)

 Colin Redfern

Inner Workings Ltd
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>Could people recommend some graphical shells for
>DDD is great, but I'd rather one that doesn't
>require the overhead and unreliability of an
>X-server.  If there's one around with all (or some
>of) the cool features of DDD I'd be really
>I fear that this is not _quite_ a cygwin issue:
>where should I send this?
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