problem w/ mingw32/egcs/msvcrt and file reads (fwd)

Paul Thiessen
Fri May 7 17:54:00 GMT 1999

Arrrrgh! <expletives deleted> It was just me being dumb - forgot that
"string" is in std namespace, so the linker I think was getting confused
somehow - since GNU's std:: hack prevents the compiler from warning me
that "string" is undefined, it compiled anyway, and died. When I do the
(correct) "std::string" or include a "using namespace std", everything is
  Sorry to bug you all with useless messages... although of course, if GNU
had the std libraries implemented correctly, it wouldn't have been a
problem, or at least, the compiler would have told me the problem right
away... Oh well, I'm sure they're working on it.

 - Paul

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 Thiessen   |  |   University

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