DDD And Cygwin

Bill Klein bill@orbit.org
Sat May 8 16:31:00 GMT 1999

Hey all,

I've been trying to get DDD working with Win32 on
my NT4 machine but haven't been having the greatest
of luck...

I basically followed the advice given here:


The only difference (I think) is the X-Server. At
first I tried the free one by MicroImages, but that
wouldn't work at all: as soon as I launched DDD, the
server would crash.

Later I tried using it with the demo of X-Win32...
Here things worked, except that my processor was at
100% constantly (I've seen people mention this before;
is there a solution?) and every second more and more
memory was being eaten up ( I could watch it getting
gobbled in NT task manager) until (after only a few
minutes) it closed due to insufficient resources.

Any ideas? Is anyone able to get things working right
with either of these two x-servers?

Thanks! :) 

-Bill Klein <bill@orbit.org>

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