troubles w/ dll building and crtdll-vs-msvcrt

Paul Thiessen
Sat May 8 17:24:00 GMT 1999

Yes, sorry to be a broken record... another post about this - I'm still
getting page faults when loading in a dll I've built myself, and am trying
to track down the problem.
  I'm using mingw32/egcs. For an example, take Mumit's "dllhelper" sample
dll build for c++. Using the provided makefile, "make" gives the following 

c++ -c -DBUILDING_DLL=1 -I. -g  -o dllclass.o
c++ -c -DBUILDING_DLL=1 -I. -g  -o dllexterns.o
gcc -c -DBUILDING_DLL=1 -I. -g  -o dllinit.o dllinit.c
dllwrap --export-all --output-def cxxdll.def --implib libcxxdll.a\
	--driver-name c++ -o cxxdll.dll \
    dllclass.o dllexterns.o dllinit.o
Warning: no export definition file provided
dllwrap will create one, but may not be what you want
c++ -c -I. -g  -o usedll.o
c++ -o usedll.exe -g   usedll.o -L./ -lcxxdll

When I run the program, usedll.exe gives correct output. However, when I
try to run it in gdb, I get a segmentation fault:

c++> gdb usedll
GNU gdb 4.17.1 (... + welcome message)
(gdb) run
Starting program: D:\dllhelpers-0.2.5\c++/usedll.exe

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x78008484 in <bad string table offset> ()

Then, when I follow Mumit's advice about how to prevent linking with
crtdll.dll, and do the final program linking with gcc instead of c++, it
goes through okay:

c++> make
gcc -o usedll.exe -g   usedll.o -L./ -lcxxdll -lstdc++
c++> gdb usedll
GNU gdb 4.17.1  (... welcome message)
(gdb) run
Starting program: D:\dllhelpers-0.2.5\c++/usedll.exe
Global integer variable = 5
DllClass 1 (Imported from DLL):
  virtual_method = 1
  non_virtual_method = 1
  instances = 2
DllClass 2 (Imported from DLL):
  virtual_method = 8
  non_virtual_method = 4
  instances = 2
DllClass (Local):
  virtual_method = 27
  non_virtual_method = 9
  instances = 3

Program exited normally.

I'm not sure what all this means - whether the problem is with gdb or
something more subtle. But I have a more complicated dll (made out of the
togl opengl-to-tcl-widget program) that I'm trying to link into a program
with the same dll building technique. If I just use the togl.o file linked
statically, all is fine, but once I try to use the togl.dll I built, I
just get page faults (win95 claims in msvcrt.dll) at runtime, no matter
how I do the program linking. crtdll.dll is still being linked in,
possibly because other libraries I need depend on it.
  I don't know exactly what I'm asking - I guess I still don't fully
understand the dll building process, and perhaps all this is fixed in egcs
1.2... Oh well.

 - Paul

  Paul A.   |      |  Johns Hopkins
 Thiessen   |  |   University

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