giving up on msvcrt for now

Paul Thiessen
Sun May 9 06:56:00 GMT 1999

Well, I haven't been able to get all my stuff working with mingw32's
msvcrt runtime, I think most likely because I'm using opengl32, which in
turn depends on crtdll, so presumably some conflict is being generated
somewhere between msvcrt and crtdll, but the conflict shows up in
different places depending on how I link things up. All works well when
I revert to the as-is mingw32/egcs distribution and ignore msvcrt for now.
  The odd thing, that I still don't understand, is that I can get
everything working with msvcrt stuff installed, as long as the code that
depends on opengl32 is not itself in a .dll. In other words, if I
statically link in the .o files that use opengl32, I can compile and run
fine with msvcrt stuff in. (Running in gdb shows that both crtdll and
msvcrt are being loaded, but no crashes.) W/o msvcrt, I can put all the
opengl32 stuff into a .dll and it works fine.
  Oh well. I don't suppose there's a way to hack out the crtdll
dependencies in opengl32.dll/libopengl32.a?

 - Paul

  Paul A.   |      |  Johns Hopkins
 Thiessen   |  |   University

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