DDD And Cygwin

Bill Klein bill@orbit.org
Sun May 9 22:26:00 GMT 1999

Hello Suhaib,

>The Microimage will NOT work.  The MIX from Microimage is X11R5 compliant.
>I used X11R6.4 libraries.

Hmm... I assumed it would work only because they
mention it (in passing, mind you) on the DDD site...

>Second,  I used some of my X11 and MOTIF Widgets to get better colors and
>glyphs working properly under Cygwin.  There is no-way MIX can handle those
>Widgets.  MIX is a good toy, but useless for professional work - you get
>what you pay.

If you get what you pay for then DDD must really be junk. :P

>X-Win32?  I have no idea about it.  If you intend to spend US$ 200.00 on 
>X-Win32, I would suggest try to spend a little more $99.00 and get from Sun 
>Microsystems Solstice Network Client 3.2.  It costs $ 299.00, and is as good as
>Hummingbird Exceed.  You can download a 15 day fully functional demo of 
>Solstice Network Client from Sun Microsystems Web site.

$300 is a little pricey just to get a free debugger working,
but I'll take a look. Thanks for the pointer.

Thanks for sharing your work in getting DDD going with
Cygwin. I'll keep at it and try to get it working over


-Bill Klein <bill@orbit.org>

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