DDD And Cygwin

Richard Hickling hicklinr@mcd.alcatel.be
Mon May 10 01:12:00 GMT 1999

> The Microimage will NOT work.  The MIX from Microimage is X11R5 compliant.
> I used X11R6.4 libraries.

I asked Microimage what the problem might be to which they replied:
We've never tried it here, but apparently there is a conflict.  You may
try running your display at a lower color bit depth to see if that
solves the problem.
I don't know what they mean by running my display at a lower colour bit depth in this
context (an X default?  /Control Panel/Display/Settings/Colour Pallet/ ?).

> I had been compiling and using DDD since almost a year and never had a troubles, you are reporting.  The code compiled -out-of-the-box is mostly useable but to get it working properly it need some patching always.

If you happen to have a record of those patches handy it would be great to see them ...

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