cd $HOME

Ian Zimmerman
Mon May 10 14:39:00 GMT 1999

For some reason, I can't get bash to automatically change to my home
directory when it starts.  The HOME envar is set to the Unixoid path, ie.
/home/itz.  It has to be that way because I have other Cygwin-linked
programs (XEmacs is one) that I want to be able to start independently,
before bash has run.

Yes, I give bash the --login and -i flags.  It makes no difference.  Unless
I explicitly cd to the home directory from the batch wrapper, the directory
I end up in is either the bin directory where bash executable is located,
or some weird ....\Desktop\itz place (the latter seems to happen when I
start it through a Windows "shortcut").

As a consequence, my .profile is not being sourced, etc. etc.

Any ideas appreciated.

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