sshd1 v1.2.26, b20.1, tty problems (most likely)

Steve Coleman
Tue May 11 08:20:00 GMT 1999

Juha Jdykkd wrote:

>   No help. Nothing changes. sshd1 still receives TTY -1, ls complains
> about bad file number and something causes a logout from my newly
> created shell immediately. 

I may have had the same problem, though my memory about it may be a
little fuzzy now. To diagnose the problem I set my STRACE to 0x10 and
started the daemon with -d in one window while I tried to login from
another. The strace output reveiled that the xauth add host/unix:0
syntax was failing which caused subsequent tty and shell problems (I
don't remember these problems specifically), and eventually causing my
daemon and shell (both bash and tcsh) to abort. I commented out the
following block of code from sshd.c and I was back in business.

#ifndef CRAY
                        /* Cray xauth cannot take host/unix:0 as
displayname *
                        fprintf(f, "add %.*s/unix%s %s %s\n",
                                cp - display, display, cp, auth_proto,
                                auth_data); */

Try using the STRACE flag to verify a similar xauth failure. If this is
the source of your problem then perhaps we should add this to the sshd.c
patch list. It may however be a system dependent patch based on your
X-Windows implementation. 

FYI - I am using Exceed V6.1 for my X server.

Good luck!

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