problem linking with cygwin

Suhaib M. Siddiqi
Tue May 11 14:57:00 GMT 1999

> I have some internal unix libs I am trying to compile using cygwin
> and get the following errors when linking:
> when I simply compile with no -l, I get:
> GEN_Hash.o(.text+0x14):GEN_Hash.c: undefined reference to `memalign'
> GEN_Hash.o(.text+0xb2):GEN_Hash.c: undefined reference to `memalign'
> GEN_Hash.o(.text+0x580):GEN_Hash.c: undefined reference to `memalign'
> GEN_Hash.o(.text+0x5c3):GEN_Hash.c: undefined reference to `memalign'
> GEN_Hash.o(.text+0x690):GEN_Hash.c: undefined reference to `memalign'
> GEN_Hash.o(.text+0x77e):GEN_Hash.c: more undefined references to `memalign' follow
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

Sounds like you have libraries which do  not provide symbols you need.  You need
another library? to resolve it?

> so then when I use the -lc compiler switch I get:
> C:\cygnus\CYGWIN~1\H-I586~1\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\i586-cygwin32\egcs-2.91.57\..\..\..\..\i586-cygwin32\lib/libcygwin.a(libccrt0.o)(.data+0x0) multiple definition of `_impure_ptr'
> C:\cygnus\CYGWIN~1\H-I586~1\bin\..\lib\gcc-lib\i586-cygwin32\egcs-2.91.57\..\..\..\..\i586-cygwin32\lib/libc.a(impure.o)(.data+0x2ec):impure.c: first defined here
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

You do not need to add -lc.  libcygwin.a which links autmatically takes care of it.

Try including errno.h, that usually take take care of impure_ptr ( at least in my hands)

> Apologies if I am missing something very basic here.
> Rgds,
> Rand Dvorak
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