Pine 4.x

Nancy McGough
Wed May 12 19:44:00 GMT 1999

> > Has anyone tried to port Pine 4.x to Cygwin?
> This doesn't answer your question, but I just wanted to make sure
> you know that PC-Pine 4.10 works quite well in win32.  (I'm using it
> until imap becomes a stable option in gnus.)  I would guess that
> noone would bother to port it to cygwin, since it already works in
> win32.

I agree that PC-Pine 4.10 works quite well but it does not support the
pipe command, sending filters, or display filters, and so, for
example, you can not easily use PGP with PC-Pine. Another useful Pine
utility to port would be mbxcvt, which is a tool for converting folder
formats. If I were a programmer, *I* would port Unix Pine 4.10 and its
utilities to Cygwin. If anyone wants info on setting up and optimizing
PC-Pine, check out my page about this at:

If anyone is inspired to port mail tools, in addition to Pine, I'd
love a port of procmail so I could use it to post-process message


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