X11R6.4 archive laternate site.

Suhaib M. Siddiqi Ssiddiqi@InspirePharm.Com
Thu May 13 04:29:00 GMT 1999

The users who informed that they were unable to download the X11R6.4 archive
from http://siddiqi.webjump.com  and asked for a mirror site, could consider
downloading it from:


Thanks to Stipe Tolj for making it available from Cygwin Porting Project web site.

I hope this help.


BTW: To the Cygwin user who sent me a nasty complain that X11R6.4 archive site
http://ssiddiqi.webjump.com is useless because he could not downlaod it after 4 attempts!!!
For him here is the statistic of hits and download, during last 2 days,  from Webjump Tech Support.

WEBJUMP STATVIEW REPORT - provided courtesy of http://www.GreatSports.com

Site Name: siddiqi.webjump.com
Date: May 11, 1999

Unique Visitors:             142
Total Hits:                 371
Page Views:                 168
HTTP 404 Errors:               1
Disk Space Used:      19,954,231 (76%)
Bytes Sent:       1,972,747,808


Sorry, about inconvenience.

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