Building Source

J Shane Culpepper
Thu May 13 20:29:00 GMT 1999


I have a few questions about building the source.  I scanned the email
archives and faqs on the Cygnus Website but didn't find too much about
the topic.  The synopsis is:
I have cygwin-b20.1 installed with the latest egcs binaries from Mumit's
website. Its all installed on an NT4.sp5 system.  It all seems to be
working correctly.  I downloaded and compiled at least half of the gnu
archive from with little on no modifications.  (These aren't
installed, I'm just learning how to use the toolkit)

I downloaded user-src and dev-src from ftp and extracted into \cygnus
three different ways.  \cygnus\user contains only the user tarball.
\cygnus\dev contains only the dev tarball and \cygnus\all contains user
then dev tarball extraction.
I created all\bld, dev\bld, and user\bld, cd to each and ran
../src/configure --verbose --prefix /cygnus/install, make all, and make
install.  All ran without giving any errrors.  (Actually there was one
error dealing with db2html or something similar which I don't have
installed.  It was ignored by the make harness.)  However, the majority
of the tools didn't get built or configured.  All seemed to build the
basic libraries without problems.  Is this the normal behavior?  Am I
missing an important step?
I tried editing the base level so that it only includes
directories that my source tree contains but got the same basic result.
I also mucked around with the base level makefile to see if it would
help but nada. (I know this is a bad way to do it!).  Anyone have any
pointers to faqs or past discussions on this problem?



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