[ANN] static Perl 5.005_03 with DBI, mSQL, **mysql** modules

Charles Wilson cwilson@ece.gatech.edu
Fri May 14 03:57:00 GMT 1999

I've updated the static build of Perl (again). This is likely to be the
last statically linked perl that I make available. A dynamic build is in
the works. This release updates DBI to version 1.08, and adds the
DBD::mysql module.

Modules included:

Msql-Mysql-modules-1.2017  (DBD::mSQL and DBD::mysql)
Data-ShowTable-3.3 (needed for mSQL module)

The binary is available at

I did not change the name of the archive, but this newest release has a
filesize of 3,606,721 bytes,
170addcfc65163a3be8466a9d33ef860 *perl5.005_03-cygwinb20.tar.bz2

The old (no modules at all) version is still available at

I've rearranged the ftp site structure a little bit; there are now two
source tarballs available:



The contents of each should be obvious...

The build instructions and patch are now distributed as one big patch,
with a single "bootstrap" README. Basically, patch the sources first.
This modifies the README.cygwin file, and dumps all those
build-instructions.firstname-lastname files into <SRCDIR>/cygwin32.

The patchkit is available from

--Chuck Wilson

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